Welcome to our web site of Flower shows attended by Jacques Amand International Ltd.

In these galleries you will be able to peruse the many exhibits staged at prestigious Flower Shows Nationally and Internationally.

Our team work hard to achieve a good standard in creating exhibits which we hope will enthral, enlighten, educate and excite our customers.

Each exhibit throughout the year from early flowering bulbs through spring, summer, autumn into winter shows, follows the changing seasons. Mainly we use our plants and flowers fairly near to the natural flowering season when displaying, adding some varieties which have been kept in the cold room for a time depending on how the weather and seasons develop over the year.
And sometimes we add forced plants/flowers or hold back flowering times, just to add theatrical drama and interest to the exhibit.

We relish a challenge, keeps us on our toes.

Most shows on the sales bench you will find a wonderful selection of some of the stock we carry.

We look forward to meeting new and regular customers alike.

Having a great knowledgeable team at the shows and the nursery, we strive to give horticultural advice on the bulbs that we supply.